Xi Jinping's visit to Moscow: there is a high probability of China supplying weapons – expert

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Xi Jinping's visit to Moscow: there is a high probability of China supplying weapons - expert

The defeat of the Russian Federation in the war to overthrow the Putin regime is not in the interests of China.

The risk of China supplying weapons to the Russian Federation remains quite high. Back in January-February 2022, Xi Jinping at least blessed this war.

This opinion was expressed by the head of the South Caucasus branch of the Center for Research on the Army of Conversion and Disarmament Volodymyr Kopchak in an interview with TSN.ua.

According to him, China agreed to the fall of Kyiv “in a week” and to the further military mediation of the Russian Federation in its own interests, that is, the collection of the so-called “USSR 1.5 or 2.0” project.

The Chinese “peace plan” is not a plan at all, it is a vision. On the other hand, against the background of such measured “wise” manifestations, Beijing is now beginning to get nervous. Because, for example, Comrade Wang Yi comes out and declares why the United States can arm Taiwan, but we cannot arm the Russian Federation. There is one nuance here: in what logical chain is the RF. It is equal to Taiwan. This shows how China looks at the Russian Federation and in this way it marks the territory,” said Vladimir Kopchak.

According to the expert, China has made it clear that it is not interested in the fall of regimes.

“This concerns not only the Kremlin, but also the Lukashenka regime and the Iranian regime. Belarus and Iran are an example of the fact that the Kremlin, to some extent, managed to internationalize the war in its own interests,” he said.

Vladimir Kopchak also stressed that the “uncontrolled format” of the defeat of the Russian Federation in the war, which provides for the overthrow of the Putin regime, is not in China's interests.

“This sub-scenario does not suit China completely now, because China takes into account all image risks very carefully. If this visit to Moscow takes place, then, according to the logic of Beijing, it is, on the contrary, a show of force after the diplomatic track between Saudi Arabia and Iran, ”the expert emphasized.

Recall that the leader of the People's Republic of China Xi Jinping may visit the Russian capital Moscow next week, where he intends to meet with dictator Vladimir Putin.

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