Xi wants to be needed by the world: how he will behave with Ukraine and Russia in the future


Xi wants to be needed by the world: how he will behave with Ukraine and Russia in the future

The day before, Xi Jinping flew to Moscow to talk with Vladimir Putin. The main goal of the Chinese leader is to prevent the Kremlin dictator from losing the war and falling.

A protracted war is in the interests of the Chinese leader, but at the same time he is not interested in becoming Putin's ally. Russian political scientist Abbas Gallyamov told Channel 24 about this.

What Xi Jinping Needs

As the political scientist notes, Xi does not need to incur the wrath of the community world. He needs the world community to turn to him. “So that the Americans would come to him and say, 'We can't influence Putin, even if you do.' He wants to be needed by the world,” Gallyamov emphasizes.

And the longer it lasts, the better for the head of China. As they say: “The Samurai has no goal, there is only a way.” In this case, the political scientist says, it's about Xi Jinping.

If Putin falls and loses the war, the Chinese leader could be in trouble. According to Gallyamov, in Russia, in all likelihood, democracy will win.

It is quite possible that then the coalition in support of Ukraine, which the Americans put together, will turn to China and say: “What about your human rights?” And that's it, he is the main thief of the world scene. In the meantime, the main thief is Putin, and everyone is not up to Xi Jinping,” the political scientist noted.

Accordingly, the Chinese leader needs to keep all this going and be in the game. Therefore, Xi will negotiate and coordinate the positions of the parties for a long time. “Fortunately for Xi, they are mutually negated. Putin says: “Give me at least the territories that I conquered.” Ukrainians say: “Damn the bald one!”

Now the Chinese leader will engage in “shuttle diplomacy.” He will appoint mediators to contact the parties.

Everything will pass through it. Ukrainians and Russians will coordinate their position with China. He is at the center of the process, at the center of the agenda, at the center of the impact. Everyone is waiting for Xi Jinping to settle the relations between the belligerents,” says Abbas Gallyamov.

According to the political scientist, Xi will not offer anything yet. He will listen, nod his head and convey the wishes of the parties.

“He will wink at Zelensky with the words:” Of course, I agree with you, of course you are right. But, you see, Putin is crazy. Somehow you need to find a point of contact. Think about it and call me back.” He will say approximately the same thing to Putin: “I am completely on your side. You are like a brother to me, you know: the Russians and the Chinese are brothers forever! But Zelensky rested, the Americans support him. Therefore, let's think together where we can give in, how to agree. “He needs this process,” Gallyamov summed up.

Galliamov on what Xi Jinping needs: watch the video

Xi wants to make history

  • According to military expert Yuri Fedorov, Xi Jinping's goal is to go down in history as the man who settled the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.
  • Thus, the Chinese leader needs to influence Putin and force him to accept the conditions put forward. We are talking about the first point of the so-called “peace plan” – respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries. In other words, Russia must withdraw its troops from Ukraine to the 1991 borders.
  • As you know, this does not suit the Russians at all. But they can't ignore what their Chinese “big brother” thinks.

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