Xiaomi has announced the smartphone POCO M2 “Reboot”

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Xiaomi has announced the smartphone POCO M2

In September, Xiaomi launched the POCO M2 smartphone in India. This is essentially a renamed Redmi 9. The brand now intends to announce a new version of the device, which will be marketed as POCO M2 Reloaded.

POCO India's official Twitter account said it will unveil POCO M2 Reloaded on April 21st. The smartphone will go on sale on Flipkart almost immediately after the announcement.

Despite the loud name, the POCO M2 “Reboot” will be just another version of a smartphone with a different set of memory. The POCO M2 was available in two configurations – 6GB + 64GB or 6GB + 128GB. POCO M2 Reloaded will be released in 4GB + 64GB version. Other features of the smartphone will remain the same. The new version of the device is likely to be cheaper.

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