Xiaomi offers a portable air conditioner for only 2499 rubles

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Xiaomi offers a portable air conditioner for only 2499 rubles

A very interesting and very cheap novelty from the Chinese company Xiaomi has become available to Russians – a portable air conditioner Microhoo Personal Air Conditioning Fan. The device can be ordered with delivery to Russia in the JD online store through the OZON marketplace showcase. The novelty is estimated at only 2499 rubles.

The portable air conditioner measures 169 x 178 x 182 millimeters and weighs 1.2 kilograms. The power is 6 W. The air conditioner is suitable for cooling a small room of 10 – 15 m². There is a possibility of power supply, both from the mains and from an external battery connected via the Type-C connector.

The refrigerant used here is the most common water stored in a 1 liter tank. Water is supplied to a mesh filter blown by a high-speed fan, due to which cooling occurs. It is possible to adjust the direction of the air using a mechanical wheel. Also Microhoo Personal Air Conditioning Fan can be used as an air humidifier. Meanwhile, a robot vacuum cleaner arrived in Russia, washing floors using sound vibration.

Source: Xiaomi

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