Xiaomi started blocking “gray” smartphones

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Xiaomi began to block

Some residents of Cuba, Iran and other countries said that their Xiaomi smartphones were blocked. This is reported by the Spanish-language edition Xiaomi Adictos.

Complaints about the Chinese brand's technique have surfaced on Reddit. Site visitors said that the company can block devices when used on the territory of a state for which they were not produced. “I live in Cuba, and, as far as I know, this happens only in this country,” noted the user under the nickname yn4v4s. The author said that he bought the phone in Russia, but after he started using it in his homeland, the device was blocked.

The smartphone screen went black, and a lock appeared on it with the message that the phone was not certified for use in the region. “Xiaomi phones are very popular in Cuba, they are used by a lot of people, including me. And how to be now? ” – complained the owner of the “gray” device.

According to journalists, the phones of the Chinese company were also blocked from consumers from Iran, Syria, North Korea, Sudan. All these countries are united by the fact that Xiaomi is not present in their markets and does not release its own equipment.

“At the moment it is not known whether these are isolated cases or Xiaomi will start blocking smartphones around the world,” the authors summed up.

In early 2020, users of Samsung TVs from Russia reported that the smart functions of their devices were blocked. The company explained that equipment imported into the country in violation of customs rules could be blocked.

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