Xiaomi will release a flagship smartphone with technology like the iPhone

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Xiaomi will release a flagship smartphone with technology like the iPhone

A well-known insider at Digital Chat Station revealed that Xiaomi is planning to launch a new flagship smartphone similar to the Xiaomi MI 11 Ultra. It will feature UWB (Ultra-wide band) technology, which is already used in iPhones and Samsung flagships.

UWB technology essentially replaces Bluetooth and transfers data between devices more efficiently. Ultra-wide band is also used in AirTags, which help track lost items. According to an insider, the future flagship smartphone Xiaomi will be able to provide users with this technology. It is possible that the Chinese company will present its tags, similar to AirTag.

Also Digital Chat Station said that the new product will receive a sub-screen camera. In what series the smartphone will be released is not yet clear. It is speculated that it could be a sequel to the Mi 10T.

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