Yandex filed a lawsuit against the Federal Antimonopoly Service due to the decision on enriched responses

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“Yandex” today, June 9, filed a lawsuit against the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) on the recognition of decisions and actions illegal, according to the arbitration database. The date for the consideration of the claim has not yet been set. In “Yandex” “b” said that the company filed an application to appeal against one of the decisions of the FAS, namely the refusal to extend the deadline for fulfilling the requirements for enriched responses, the so-called sorcerers.

“We are ready to openly explain our position and proposal on enriched responses to the market within the framework of the requirements that were indicated in the FAS warning. Therefore, Yandex initially petitioned for an extension of the deadline for their execution. We have filed a statement of claim to appeal against the refusal to extend this deadline. We look forward to further discussion, taking into account the interests of different companies. We are sure that a solution can be found only through dialogue between all parties, ”the company said.

As Kommersant reported on February 24, the FAS found signs of disruption in the work of the “sorcerers” who create discriminatory conditions on the Internet search market, since only Yandex services are available, the service said. On April 13, she filed a case against Yandex for failure to comply with the requirements to eliminate these violations. The FAS filed these claims after a complaint from the online services ivi, Avito, CIAN, and filed in August 2020. Their main complaint was that “sorcerers” often appear higher in search results and allow users to satisfy their request without going to another page.

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