Yandex robots will deliver food to American students

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Yandex robots will deliver food to American students

Yandex spoke about its partnership with the American food delivery service Grubhub. The latter will deliver its orders on campuses at colleges and universities in the United States with the help of domestic “Rovers”.

The system works as follows: a student places an order in the Grubhub application. After that, the courier robot will pick it up and deliver it to the client. To open the lid of the robot, you will have to press a special button in the application. Payment for the order is possible with a student or teacher card, according to

At the moment, there is no information about the financial side of the agreement between Yandex and an American IT company.

Note that for the first time robotic couriers “Yandex.Rover” were presented back in November 2019. And since April 2020, they have been used in Skolkovo for the delivery of documents and parcels.

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