“You are not you when you haven’t drunk coffee”: the network exploded with memes about Kolomoisky after the visit of the SBU


The morning of February 1 for oligarch Igor Kolomoisky began not with coffee, but with a visit from the SBU. The network instantly picked up the photos from the searches and created a lot of memes.

Channel 24 has collected the best memes from the network for you. How do Ukrainians react to searches at the oligarch's?In the morning, telegram channels began to distribute the first photos from the searches in the oligarch's apartment, which caused an extraordinary wave of memes on the network.

Children will not understand how it is/Screenshot

Everyone has their own hobbies/Screenshot

Really, why is that?/Screenshot

We are all a little Kolomoisky, but there is a “but”/Screenshot

Probably the most vital meme/Screenshot< /em>

Watch out, meme with sound/Screenshot

It's just a horror and a mess/Photo “The first private memarnya” …because everyone goes to you/Screenshot

Happy day of searches from the SBU

< p>Igor Kolomoisky is not the only one to whom the SBU officers came today, so the Ukrainians have already created a new holiday on the network, with which they congratulate everyone.

Postcard for relatives to throw in Viber/First private memorial

And we also join in the congratulations/Screenshot

Probably, we will still be surprised today.< /p>

Recall that the SBU and BEB conducted searches at the home of oligarch Igor Kolomoisky to investigate frauds around Ukrtatnafta, as well as Ukrnafta.

Law enforcement officers exposed large-scale schemes for misappropriation of 40 billion hryvnias at PJSC “Ukrnafta” and PJSC “Ukrtatnafta”. The Security Service added that “illegal mechanisms were combined with tax evasion and money laundering”

This is not the first search of the oligarch in this case. Gadgets were confiscated from him last time.

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