You can’t just compare with prices at Silpo, – political scientist about the scandal in the Ministry of Defense


You can't just compare prices with "Silpo", – a political scientist about the scandal in the Ministry of Defense

Journalists have accused the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense of fraud when purchasing products for the military. To draw any conclusions, you need to thoroughly study this situation.

Such an opinion Channel 24 was expressed by political scientist Andrey Vigirinsky. The journalists compared the prices at which the Ministry of Defense purchases products with the prices in the capital's supermarkets

According to journalists, even retail rather than wholesale prices in Kyiv are significantly cheaper.

As the political scientist noted, of course, there may be complaints against departments such as the Ministry of Defense, and they can be voiced.

“But this degree of freedom requires some support in publishing such materials and about the consequences that they will have in relation to both the department and the specific persons that these departments head,” Vigirinsky said.

“Supermarkets are unlikely to operate in certain areas”

According to him, one cannot approach such issues superficially.

In the “bottom line” one cannot simply equate prices in “Silpo” and prices at which the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine makes purchases. We must open the contract and look at the terms of delivery, locations, delivery period, logistics costs, and so on,” Vigirinsky said.

The political scientist stressed that even the authors of the publication themselves note that information on procurement for the needs of the army is classified as “secret”.

“Therefore, they do not have such information either. I admit that in the active phase of the war , Kherson, Lugansk or Donetsk directions, it is unlikely that every “Silpo” works,” Vigirinskiy said.

In particular, according to him, supermarkets are unlikely to work in Bakhmut. The political scientist also added that in a certain period of time it is unlikely did “Silpo” work in Kherson to supply products for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“There are many details that are important for the picture as a whole”

Vigirinsky noted that before drawing certain conclusions, one needs to study the situation very deeply.

There are many details that are important for the formation of the picture as a whole, in order to make a categorical conclusion that the price there is three times too high. Like, it’s definitely someone who shared something somewhere and used it,” the political scientist noted.

He added that social activists emphasize that purchases for the army should be made again through Prozorro so that they can be controlled.

“This is the transparency of information that we would quite like to expect in peacetime. But in conditions war, it may suffer to a certain extent,” Vihyrynskiy said.

The parliament should study the issue

The political scientist stressed that no one in Ukraine has canceled parliamentary control.

“Let (people's deputies – Channel 24) check, listen to reports in secrecy and reach the final result. This final result will be either conditional registration of criminal proceedings, or its absence,” Vigirinsky said.

The political scientist believes

I think that in matters of food and supplies for our soldiers, even Ukrainian historical corruption would not have survived such cynicism,” Vigirynskiy said.

Ministry of Defense Procurement Scandal: What is Known

  • The media have made public the agreement concluded with the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. Journalists claim that the Ministry of Defense buys food at prices that are several times higher than the cost of food in supermarkets in Kyiv.
  • According to journalists, we are talking about food for the military, who are in Poltava, Sumy, Kyiv, Zhytomyr, Chernihiv and Cherkasy regions.
  • Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security, Defense and Intelligence Marianna Bezuglaya said that as of January 2023, the State Audit Service of Ukraine is conducting an audit of the Ministry of Defense.
  • The Ministry of Defense expressed their position on the situation. The department stressed that the organization of high-quality and uninterrupted power supply for military personnel remains a priority. The Ministry of Defense stated that all purchases are made in a legal manner.

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