You will end very badly, – Saakashvili addressed Lukashenka


You will end very badly, &ndash ; Saakashvili turned to Lukashenko

Saakashvili turned to Lukashenko/Getty Images which was attacked by Russia in 2008, turned to the self-proclaimed leader of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko.

The main topic of the address of the former leader of Georgia is the Russian war in Ukraine, as well as the possibility of involving the Belarusian military in the hostilities.< /p>

Saakashvili turned to Lukashenko

Mikheil Saakashvili stated that he never gave bad advice to Alexander Lukashenko. It is noteworthy that he called the Belarusian dictator Luka.

The ex-president of Georgia warned Lukashenka about the consequences of an attack on Ukraine. In his opinion, if he sends troops to the territory of a neighboring state, then in a month Lukashenka will lose power in Belarus.

And you will end up very badly. Putin doesn’t care about your fate, you know,” Saakashvili concluded his message.

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