“Your song won our hearts!” EU leaders congratulate Ukraine on Eurovision victory

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"Your song won our hearts!" — EU leaders congratulated Ukraine on winning Eurovision

High EU officials joined in the congratulations on the success of the Ukrainian participant at the international song contest.

With the victory at Eurovision 2022, the Ukrainian group Kalush Orchestra congratulated the President of the European Council Charles Michel, the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen and the President of the European Parliament Robert Metzol.

In their microblogs on Twitter, EU officials wished that the next Eurovision 2023 final would take place in a free and united Ukraine, and some they even promised to come to the competition in Kyiv.

“Spread the wind,” the head of the European Council began his message in Ukrainian. He also quoted a line from the song that the winners sang: “On broken roads, I will come and wait for you.” This text is now associated with the return of the current war fugitives, who, despite the destruction, are still drawn to their home.

“I wish Eurovision next year will take place in Kyiv in a free and united Ukraine” — written by Charles Michel.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen wrote about the emotion that the song caused by the Kalush Orchestra.

“Your song captured our hearts tonight. We celebrate your victory around the world. The EU is with you,” promised the head of the European Commission.

President of the European Parliament Roberta Mezola promised to come to Ukraine for the next competition.

“Next year in Kyiv – in free Ukraine. I will be there “, she assured.

British Defense Minister Ben Wallace joined the congratulations of European officials. He began his post with the words Slava Ukraini and also congratulated the Ukrainian group.

“Good night! Well done! All our thoughts are with you,” he wrote.

As a reminder, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson noted that voting in the song contest was a show of support for Ukraine in the fight for freedom.

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