YouTube does not allow watching videos: the problem affected the Russians

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YouTube does not allow watching videos: the problem affected the Russians

YouTube does not allow watching videos: the problem has affected the Russians In many countries, there was a failure in the video hosting.

Internet users around the world are reporting YouTube crashes. Most of the complaints come from the United States and Canada. The most common problem occurs when users want to watch a video. 73% of users faced this problem. Every fifth website did not load completely.

Users of Russia, as well as a number of other countries – Great Britain, France and Germany experienced inconveniences due to incorrect operation. This data is provided by the Downdetector service.

There were also problems with Instagram. There is a news feed in the Troila social network. 60% of users faced problems with its display. The Russians also noticed a failure – every second application was difficult to open, 40% of compatriots could not immediately log into their account.

Earlier, experts spoke about their concerns about the possible blocking of YouTube and Facebook by Roskomnadzor. Experts do not exclude that video hosting and social networks may slow down due to the large amount of prohibited content.

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