YouTube to remove misinformation video about COVID-19 vaccines

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YouTube to remove misinformation video about COVID-19 vaccines

Moscow. September 29. INTERFAX.RU – The YouTube video service will remove all content that casts doubt on any worldwide approved coronavirus vaccine as part of the fight against disinformation, Bloomberg reported on Wednesday.

According to YouTube vice president Matt Halprin, all videos that say vaccines are dangerous or can lead to long-term negative health effects will be banned.

The agency notes that the new rule applies to all vaccines, not just drugs for COVID-19.

Last year, YouTube banned a number of videos criticizing coronavirus vaccines. Since October 2020, the platform has removed more than 130,000 videos for “violating YouTube's COVID-19 vaccine rules.”

On the eve, the Google press service reported that the YouTube video service has removed the German-language Russia Today channels due to violation of the site's rules, as well as the terms of use of the service.

“YouTube has clear community guidelines outlining what is allowed on the platform. RT DE has issued a warning for uploading content that violates our COVID-19 false information policy. This has resulted in the suspension of their video posting rights.” , – said the company.

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