Yusuf Demir:


Austria's young star from FC Barcelona spoke on Wednesday about his first months in Catalonia and the national team.

Yusuf Demir:

It is not easy to get a lot out of Yusuf Demir. This can already be seen when checking the audio connection between the ÖFB hotel and the journalists involved. When asked for a speaking sample, the 18-year-old only says: “Servus!”

It's enough – for now. The teenager is polite and clearly well behaved. The KURIER wants to know how his Spanish skills are doing as a legionnaire at FC Barcelona. “I take lessons, in the dressing room we mainly speak Catalan. I only speak German with Marc Andre ter Stegen,” said Demir about the exchange with the DFB goalkeeper.

What has been his most emotional moment so far? “My first goal for Barca, it was an unbelievable feeling, a mix of emotions,” the technician remembers the goal in preparation against VfB Stuttgart.

The fact that Lionel Messi left the club a few days later was a blow. “That hurt a lot in the first place. I'm sure that I could have learned a lot from him. We don't need to talk about his standing. But now he's gone, you have to accept it and make the best of it. “

Demir only says of the criticism that is currently prevailing around the troubled club: “I don't read the newspapers.” Of course, the situation does not pass him by. “Everyone knows that we have a young team that is hungry and wants to play for every trophy. The time is difficult right now, but I am sure that we will get out of this crisis, if you may say so.”

“That will be decided by the coach”

As in Barcelona, he now wants to assert himself with the national team, where he has “only” been used as a joker in three international matches. Will he start playing for the first time in the Faroe Islands on Saturday? “That will be decided by the coach.”

In which position is not so important to him. When asked whether he would be better off on the right or in the 10th position, the youngster indicates that he is also courageous and full of self-confidence. “I'm strongest with the ball on my foot. It doesn't matter whether I play outside or in the middle.” From that point of view, one can only hope that Franco Foda will simply set it up.

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