Zelenskaya arrived at the UN General Assembly, Kostin spoke with Pelosi, and Yermak with congressmen


Zelenskaya arrived at the UN General Assembly, Kostin spoke with Pelosi, and Yermak with congressmen

Currently a fruitful day in the fight against aggression against Russia. Zelenskaya and Shmihal arrived at a meeting of the UN General Assembly, Yermak spoke with US congressmen, and Kostin spoke with Nancy Pelosi. York

First Lady Olena Zelenska and Prime Minister Denys Shmihal arrived in New York for the 77th UN General Assembly meeting, where they will represent Ukraine. At the same time, a meeting has already been held with UN Secretary General António Guterres, according to Channel 24.

What Andriy Yermak said to US congressmen

Today, the head of the Presidential Office, Andrey Yermak, held an online meeting with committee members for intelligence of the US House of Representatives. Congressmen informed about the situation at the front. They were also reminded once again that the war continues and the Russian army is still strong, so Ukraine needs further support.

He added that the list of needs of our country and the Armed Forces of Ukraine is well known to the military-political leadership of the United States, and cooperation and coordination on these issues has been established.

For more than six months of a full-scale war against Ukraine Russia was unable to achieve the goal of conquering our country and suffered heavy losses. And this happened thanks to the courage of the Ukrainian nation and the help of international partners, the message says.

Yermak noted that Ukraine not only restrains the pressure of the aggressor, but also began to conduct successful counter-offensive operations. In total, thanks to the counter-offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, it was possible to liberate almost 8.5 thousand square kilometers of Ukrainian territory in the East of the country.

Kostin met with Pelosi and the US Attorney General

As part of the official visit to the United States, Attorney General Andrey Kostin met with Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi.

First of all, he thanked Pelosi, the US government and the American people for supporting Ukraine.

The de-occupation of our territories has become real thanks to the military and financial assistance provided to Ukraine by the United States and other partners. Legal support is also important. Our common goal is to restore justice for the victims and bring to justice those responsible for war crimes,” he said.

He told Pelosa that the Russians are committing terrible war crimes against Ukrainians every day and Russia is literally committing genocide.

Kostin assured that the Ukrainian prosecutor's office and law enforcement agencies are doing everything possible to ensure an effective investigation of the crime, but noted that the current international mechanisms “are not enough to meaningfully respond to Russian aggression.”

The Prosecutor General of Ukraine stressed that the turning point for success will be the creation of a Special Tribunal to hold the leadership of the aggressor country accountable at the international level.

During the meeting, they also discussed the development of a mechanism for compensating and recognizing the Russian Federation as a state sponsor of terrorism.

In addition, Kostin met with US Attorney General and Attorney General Merrick B. Garland. The parties have signed a Memorandum of Understanding.

The Memorandum of Understanding signed today allows us to intensify our joint efforts to ensure accountability for international crimes. By establishing a formal framework for cooperation, we will strengthen the effective investigation and prosecution of crimes committed by the Russian military in Ukraine, as well as ensure justice for the victims, said Andriy Kostin.

This memorandum will help improve the effectiveness of investigations and prosecutions in accordance with national legislation, remove barriers to the timely and effective exchange of information and evidence between the two countries, and facilitate technical cooperation.

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