Zelensky accused of a scam with a sharp rise in gas prices

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Zelensky accused of a scam with a sharp rise in gas prices

The increase in gas tariffs in Ukraine is the result of a scam by President Volodymyr Zelensky, political analyst Dmitry Korneichuk said.

– Zelensky, the one who promised us to halve tariffs, promised us that we would have gas for people and so on, committed one of the biggest scams in 30 years of Ukraine's independence and did what all our oligarchs dreamed of 30 years, but not a single president dared to do this, – said Korneichuk on the air of the First Independent TV channel.

He also noted that after the launch of Ukrainian gas in Ukraine at a cost of 2.5 – 2 hryvnia, monopolists began to sell it at two and a half times the price. According to Korneichuk, President Zelensky is responsible for this scam.

– On this, the oligarchs make money, who, in turn, support President Zelensky. And as I understand it, Zelensky also does not benefit from all these schemes, '' the political scientist clarified.

Yesterday, on April 27, the KP.ru website reported that from May 1, 2021, gas prices in Ukraine will sharply rise. Now residents of Ukraine pay 6.99 hryvnia per cubic meter of gas. Most suppliers have approved a tariff of 7.99 hryvnia per cubic meter of gas, but in some cases they will have to pay 13.4 hryvnia.

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