Zelensky and Biden offered to give the Nobel Prize for “prevention of war”

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The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine said that Zelensky and Biden deserved the Nobel Peace Prize

Zelensky and Biden offered to give the Nobel Prize for

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Adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs (MVD) of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko, in his article published in the Focus publication, said that a number of heads of state, including US and Ukrainian presidents Joe Biden and Vladimir Zelensky, did not allow a full-scale war, in connection with which he offered to give them the “deserved” Nobel Peace Prize.

“I believe that for actions to prevent a direct large-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, Joe Biden, Boris Johnson, Emmanuel Macron and other leaders who made their efforts to prevent a large-scale war in Europe and the onset of the Second World Cold War should receive this year the Nobel Peace Prize,” Gerashchenko said.

He also added that the invasion supposedly planned for February 16 did not happen solely due to the unification of Ukraine with Western partners. In addition, he noted that for Ukraine this is probably the last chance to preserve its statehood.

Earlier, economic expert Viktor Skarshevsky said that neither in Kiev nor in the West they no longer believe that Russia is preparing an invasion of Ukraine, and the hysteria around this is supported for the sake of speculation in the currency markets. In this regard, he suggested creating a calendar with possible dates for a Russian attack.

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