Zelensky approved an agreement on “transport visa-free” with the EU


Zelensky approved the agreement on "transport visa-free" with the EU

< p _ngcontent-sc90="" class="news-annotation">Vladimir Zelensky approved an agreement between Ukraine and the European Union on freight transport by road. We are talking about the so-called “transport visa-free”.

The presidential decree on September 16 was published on the website of the head of state. As you know, Ukraine and the European Union signed a “transport visa-free regime” on June 29.

The agreement was signed on June 29

“Approve the Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union on freight transportation by road, concluded on June 29 June 2022 in the city of Lyon,” the decree says.

What is “transport visa-free”

The agreement that Ukraine signed with the EU eliminates the need for Ukrainian carriers to obtain appropriate permits for the implementation bilateral and transit transportations to the states of the European Union. This avoids stopping the export of Ukrainian products due to automobile checkpoints.

In addition, “transport visa-free” provides for measures to simplify the recognition of driver's documents. In simple words, now Ukraine and the EU exempt the holders of a driver's license issued by one of the parties from the requirement to have an international driver's license.

Currently, the agreement is for one year, after which it is possible to extend it. It should be noted that the agreement temporarily entered into force on June 29.

President Volodymyr Zelensky commented on the signing of the agreement in June. The head of state stressed that “transport visa-free” is an important step towards Ukraine's membership in the EU.

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