Zelensky commented on Reznikov's words about the “liberation of the South”


Zelensky commented on Reznikov's words about "liberation of the South"

Zelensky reacted to Reznikov's statement about the order to de-occupy the South/Office of the President

liberate all occupied territories from the enemy. In particular, the active actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to de-occupy the South have already become noticeable.

Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said that the president had given the order to prepare a plan for the liberation of the South. Zelensky himself reacted to such words, Channel 24 reports.

The main task for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

During a press conference with Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte , which took place in Kyiv on July 11, Zelensky said that he had not read Reznikov's interview.

I can say that the task of all our military is to de-occupy our entire territory. I think this is the task of every citizen of our state,” the President said.

He also refused to share the details of these or other plans.

What is happening in the South

  • Judging by the numerous explosions in the warehouses of the occupiers, their command posts, it can be assumed that this is how the Armed Forces of Ukraine are preparing and bringing the counteroffensive closer. This is also evidenced by the intercepted conversation of the invaders, in which they said that our soldiers were in the main command in the Kherson direction. Judging by what the invaders say, there are 12 liquidated enemies there.
  • On July 11, an explosion also thundered from Chernobaevka. It was well heard and seen by the residents of temporarily occupied Kherson. People were shaking the walls and plates in the houses. Smoke was rising from the street.
  • Former SBU officer and expert at the Ukrainian Institute for the Future, Ivan Stupak, assumed that almost everything was ready for a counteroffensive. According to him, such a conclusion can be drawn from the statements of Ukrainian officials. In particular, he was referring to Reznikov's statement on de-occupation.

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