Zelensky discussed sanctions against Russia with Michel on the eve of the EU summit


Zelensky on the eve of the EU summit discussed sanctions against Russia with Michel

Zelensky talked with Michel/Channel 24 Collage

Vladimir Zelensky talked to the head of the European Council. Politicians discussed tougher sanctions against Russia.

Details of officials' conversation

Zelensky's conversation with Charles Michel took place on the eve of a special meeting of the European Council. It will take place on May 30-31.

Assistance to Ukraine will be a cross-cutting issue of the meeting,” Zelensky said.

Therefore, together with Michel, the Ukrainian leader coordinated steps to strengthen sanctions, food security, restore Ukraine and move towards membership in the European Union.

Michel recently visited Odessa

On May 9, the head of the European Council visited working visit to Odessa. By the way, while Russians are celebrating Victory Day, Europeans are celebrating Europe Day. Michel came to celebrate this holiday in Ukraine and addressed the citizens: “You are not alone. The EU supports you.”

Michel was accompanied in Odessa by Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmihal. The head of government noted that the politician's visit on such a day is a very powerful signal of support. Zelensky also thanked Zelensky for his personal presence in Ukraine and the courage shown by Michel over the video link.

The President noted the importance of preventing a food crisis in the world, since Russia is now blocking the passage of merchant ships to Ukrainian ports. Therefore, there may be famine, because Ukraine supplies grain for 400 million people around the world. Note that the blocked ship with grain is in Odessa.

By the way, in Odessa, the head of the European Council was caught by an air raid. Michel had to hide in a shelter together with Shmigal. The foreign politician also visited the house where Russian infidels launched their rocket. At that time, a 3-month-old girl was among the dead.

Pay attention! On April 20, Charles Michel visited Borodyanka, liberated from the Russian military. He saw the terrible destruction that the Russians inflicted on a peaceful city. The diplomat stressed that history will not forget the war crimes committed in this village.

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