Zelensky “drove Biden into a corner”: what the Western media write about the conversation of the leaders of both countries in Glasgow

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The summit brought together 120 heads of state and government who decide the fate of the planet.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky at the royal reception in Glasgow spoke with US leader Joe Biden. The conversation was initiated by the head of the Ukrainian state . Western media write that Zelensky “cornered Biden” to discuss the tense situation with Russia amid a buildup of troops near the Ukrainian border.

The British newspaper Daily Mail writes about this.

According to the newspaper, in the schedule of meetings of US President Biden, the conversation with Zelensky was not planned. The President of Ukraine, who was at a reception in Glasgow, Scotland, took the opportunity to discuss the conflict in Donbass. In particular, they talked about a new accumulation of Russian troops near the border with Ukraine, which again caused concern about Moscow's intentions in the region.

Zelensky published that the conversation took place on Twitter, who wrote: “During a conversation with the US President in Glasgow, we discussed the situation in Donbass. The US continues to support territorial integrity and reforms in Ukraine.”

As the British newspaper notes, Washington has been an important ally of Kiev since Russia annexed Crimea in 2014, leading to conflict between Ukrainian forces and separatists. The publication also assures that America has a video showing how Russian military trains and convoys are carrying tanks and missiles to the Ukrainian border. The Pentagon has said it is monitoring the troop build-up.

The conversation between Biden and Zelensky, according to the newspaper, was confirmed by a US administration official. “I can confirm that they spoke at the reception last night, and President Biden reaffirmed our long-standing support for Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity,” an official told the DailyMail.

Note that Russian President Vladimir Putin refused to attend the global climate change COP26 summit.

Recall that the Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR) of Ukraine has clarified information about the transfer of Russian troops to the Ukrainian border. According to their information, as of November 1, near the Ukrainian border and on In the occupied territories, Russia has concentrated a grouping of troops with a total number of about 90 thousand.

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