Zelensky explained why he seeks recognition of Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism


Zelensky explained why he seeks recognition of Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism

Zelensky is convinced that sanctions against Russia are beginning to take effect/Channel 24 Collage

The President of Ukraine noted that it is extremely important to recognize Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism. This will isolate her and stop the aggression she brought to our country.

Vladimir Zelensky stated this during an interview. He noted that the unification of all countries will stop Russian aggression, channel 24 reports. Zelensky thanked the US Senate, as well as Joe Biden, for supporting the resolution. In it, Russia was recognized as a state sponsor of terrorism. And this decision, according to the President of Ukraine, is very important.

He also stressed that the sanctions policy against Russia is already working.Although not so fast, but it brings Ukraine and the whole world closer to the goal. We are talking about the economic and civilizational isolation of the aggressor country. Moreover, in the Kremlin they drove themselves into this situation with their own hands.

Vladimir Zelensky gave a good example. He recalled the embargo on oil products. The President of Ukraine had the right question: do all countries comply with this part of the sanctions restrictions against Russia. Like, if they are adhered to selectively, then it will simply not be possible to achieve a 100% result.

The President expressed his desire that all states support sanctions against Russia. Then the aggressor country would suffer an instant blow. At the same time, he noted that the process somewhat slows down the desire to conduct a dialogue.

The head of state noted that democracy has its pluses and minuses. The first is much more, he is convinced. But in defense of democracy, lengthy conversations and lengthy explanations of actions should be minimized. Instead one should speak the language of sanctions. Their rigidity will make it possible to stop a terrorist state.

It (Russia – Channel 24) can only be stopped by a fortress. Strength is in unity. This is why sanctions work. It is a matter of time,” Zelensky stressed.

Note that the United States is trying to strictly comply with sanctions against Russia. Moreover, companies that have not yet done so have received punishment from the authorities. Therefore, not only the occupiers suffer, but also those who continue to support them.

36 companies were punished for cooperation with Russia

Representatives of nine countries were included in the list of punished companies. They have limited access to technology and goods from the United States. This list includes both a Russian enterprise and those who could support the military-industrial potential of the aggressor country.

We are talking about 25 companies from China. The rest are based in Russia itself , as well as the United Arab Emirates, Lithuania, Pakistan, Singapore, Great Britain, Uzbekistan and Vietnam.

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