Zelensky held a large meeting with Zaluzhny, Budanov, Danilov and Monastyrsky


Zelensky held a big meeting with Zaluzhny, Budanov, Danilov and Monastyrsky

On August 22, a meeting was held in the Office of the President with the heads of the main law enforcement agencies. It, in particular, was attended by the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate, the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the secretary of the National Security and Defense Council

The meeting with representatives of the defense and security sector was required to discuss several issues at once. Channel 24 reports this with reference to the president's address for that day.

There were Zaluzhny, Monastyrsky, Danilov, Budanov and others. The key issues are, of course, the situation on the front line, the situation in big cities, as well as specific security measures in connection with the holidays and important political events this week – meetings, negotiations, the head of state said.

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