Zelensky is expected to create an international tribunal against Russia by autumn


Zelensky is expected to create an international tribunal against Russia by autumn

The Office of the President is expected to create an international tribunal against Russia by autumn/Office of the President

Currently, work is underway to create an international tribunal and arbitration. They are necessary in order to punish the military-political leadership of Russia for war crimes, as well as to turn the frozen assets of the aggressor country into compensation for Ukraine.

This work is expected to be completed by autumn. Andrey Smirnov, Deputy Head of the President's Office, spoke about this.

The President's Office expects the creation of an international tribunal by autumn

According to Smirnov, I would like to think that by the end of the summer it will be possible to reach the signing and subsequent early ratification of documents on the international tribunal and arbitration.

Since this has never happened before in history, some countries want to first of all discuss its model in order to have guarantees for themselves that the aggressor country will not later turn to international judicial institutions with claims against them. Therefore, this skepticism is now based more likely not on a political background, but on a legal one, – added the deputy chairman of the OP.

However, Ukrainian lawyers involved in the development of legal grounds for the creation of a tribunal and arbitration hope to overcome skepticism of partners.

Damage to Ukraine from Russian aggression

  • Prime Minister Denis Shmigal in April estimated the damage from the Russian invasion at $500 billion. He stated that the restoration would require approximately $600 billion.
  • They want to restore our state with funds from Russian assets frozen abroad. The Office of the President noted that Ukraine has two plans on how to recover the money of the aggressor country in its favor.
  • US President Joseph Biden submitted a proposal to Congress, according to which the assets of Russian oligarchs in the United States can be confiscated in benefit of our country.
  • In addition, Shmigal recently announced that international partners will help Ukraine in its quest to confiscate an estimated $500 billion of frozen assets of Russia and its oligarchs.
  • EU High Representative for Foreign Policy Josep Borrell said that the countries of the European Union should consider the possibility of arresting the frozen foreign exchange reserves of the aggressor country. According to him, they should be spent on the reconstruction of Ukraine after the war.

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