Zelensky launched the right narrative, – Davydyuk explained the president's statement about the existence of Putin


Zelensky launched the right narrative, – Davydyuk explained the president's statement about Putin's existence

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky launched the right narrative to the Western world when he questioned whether Russian dictator Vladimir Putin was even alive. But it is unlikely that he actually died. Here the matter is different.

This Channel 24 was told by political scientist Mykola Davidyuk. According to him, it was more of a political message than intelligence. If this was real information, then the whole country would have already cut more than one cake and opened more than one bottle of champagne.

A beautiful psychological game from Zelensky

As Davidyuk noted, in countries like Russia, after the death of a dictator, the system itself will not last long. There, everyone will begin to squabble and scatter until a new dictator can be found. And this does not always work out.

The Russian vertical is built like this – if there is no chief, who manages everything, then everything starts to crumble until a new one is found. For me, Zelensky's message is cool and desirable. He famously launched the right narratives that do a simple thing – they create a picture of a world without Putin,” Davidyuk noted.

It was a good psychological game, which was felt by the participants of Davos and millions of people around the world. Zelensky gave a sense of alternative scenarios and suggested thinking that, they say, imagine a world without Putin. It will be better, kinder and more positive.

Other alternative scenarios were previously launched by some representatives of Western society. They offered to allow the end of the war in Ukraine in exchange for territory. However, this is an extremely erroneous opinion.

As Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin recently stated, if the world pays for the war with the territories of Ukraine, then decades of similar confrontations will begin in other countries. The problem will not disappear at all.

And only the disappearing Putin will take this problem with him to the grave. Zelensky played well here. Seeing and talking with some of the participants who were there, including those not from Ukraine, I saw that they were imbued with this. It's a good “virus” that is sprouting,” Davidyuk said.

Zelensky trolled Putin beautifully

  • During his speech at the Ukrainian Breakfast in Davos, President Volodymyr Zelensky publicly questioned whether Is Vladimir Putin alive? After all, it is not clear who and how makes decisions in the Kremlin.
  • In Russia, they tried to respond to Zelensky's interesting statement. The spokesman for the bunker president, Dmitry Peskov, began to say that “Putin is and will be.”
  • According to Andrey Piontkovsky, a Russian publicist from Washington, Zelensky did not speculate. He shared important operational information about Putin's life.

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