Zelensky reacted to the US decision to transfer Abrams tanks to Ukraine


Zelensky reacted to the US decision to transfer Abrams tanks to Ukraine

Vladimir Zelensky celebrates his birthday on January 25th. On this day, US President Joe Biden did not leave the Ukrainian leader without a gift.

Thus, Biden announced a new package of military assistance to our state, which included M1 Abrams tanks. The birthday man himself reacted to this.

Zelensky thanked Biden for another strong decision.

I am grateful to the American people for their powerful leadership support! This is an important step towards defeating the Russian aggressor. Now the free world is more united than ever for a common goal – the liberation of Ukraine from the invaders. We are moving forward,” the Ukrainian president emphasized.

It is worth adding that American-made M1 Abrams tanks could become a way to resolve the diplomatic conflict between Washington and Berlin. The fact is that Germany has repeatedly made statements about its readiness to provide tanks to Ukraine, but only after the United States takes such a step.

This is probably why the White House decided to provide its tanks to Ukraine, although the Pentagon had previously said that this equipment would not be sent to us in the near future due to maintenance difficulties.

What is known about the long-awaited tanks

  • This is a third-generation technique that Washington has used in numerous operations, in particular in the Middle East.
  • The tank is equipped with multi-layer anti-projectile composite armor reinforced with depleted uranium. The main armament of the tank is a rifled tank gun M68 with a caliber of 105 millimeters. It can carry up to 55 projectiles.
  • The Abrams tank has a number of modifications, the most modern of which is the M1A2 SEPv3, which is equipped with a new generation of NGAP armor and updated communications and software hardware and can use airburst projectiles. This modification also received a Trophy active protection system to destroy enemy projectiles on approach.
  • The cost of one tank ranges from 6 to 9 million dollars.

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