Zelensky responded to petition to ban Russian citizens from visiting Ukraine

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Zelensky responded to a petition banning Russian citizens from visiting Ukraine

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky responded to a petition banning or restricting Russian citizens from entering the country.

He believes that since the beginning of the war Kiev has been tightly controlling the entry of Russians, but promises to consult with the Security Service of Ukraine.

Zelensky noted this on the OP's website.

Zelensky said that such a petition is fully justified against the background of Russian aggression.

& # 8212; Introduction of additional changes in the regime of travel of citizens between Ukraine and the Russian Federation. requires careful study and analysis of all possible development scenarios, & # 8212; the president emphasized.

Zelensky noted that since the beginning of the Russian Federation's aggression against Ukraine in the spring of 2014, a number of measures were introduced to strengthen control on the Ukrainian-Russian border and ensure Ukraine's national interests in the field of security and defense.

In particular, in 2015 Ukraine unilaterally canceled the possibility of entry of Russian citizens on the basis of a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation or a birth certificate, and from January 1, 2018, the fixation of biometric data of foreigners was introduced.

The Head of State said that when crossing the border by foreigners and individuals stateless, including citizens of the Russian Federation, state border guard units separate persons who may belong to risk groups and take additional measures to prevent those who may be involved in provocative or illegal actions on the territory of Ukraine from entering Ukraine. p>

Zelensky also recalled that a separate mechanism used by Ukraine to reagree The application of sanctions to such persons, in particular, the prohibition of entry into the territory of Ukraine, is to address the existing and potential threats to national interests and national security from individual citizens of the Russian Federation.

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