Zelensky spoke about changes in the de-occupied territories and threats to Ukrainians


Zelensky spoke about changes in the de-occupied territories and threats to Ukrainians

Vladimir Zelensky/Office of the President

Armed Forces of Ukraine has already liberated 934 settlements from enemy occupation. The main threat to the residents are mines and tripwires set by the Russians, and unexploded shells.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy said this in his evening address on April 20, Channel 24 reports.

Resumption of work

According to the President of Ukraine, the return to normal life of the liberated cities and communities of Ukraine continues. According to preliminary data, 934 settlements have already been liberated.

The Ukrainian police have resumed their work in 435 settlements, and local self-government has been launched in 431 communities. The work of humanitarian headquarters has begun in 361 settlements.

The Ukrainian authorities are gradually restoring citizens' access to medical and educational services, as well as to social protection agencies. Road communication, supply of electricity, gas, water are being continuously restored.

Mines and tripwires

Vladimir Zelensky noted that mines and tripwires laid by the enemy and unexploded shells remain among the greatest threats. It takes a lot of effort and time to neutralize them. The President expressed his deep gratitude to all the specialists and rescuers who carry out this important task.

Once again I urge our citizens who are returning to the liberated communities to be very attentive. Do not enter territory that has not yet been verified. Don't go into the woods yet. If you see anything that looks like a mine or a tripwire, immediately notify the police and rescuers. Do not hesitate and do not try to remove dangerous items on your own, Volodymyr Zelenskyy warned.

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