Zelensky spoke with 43rd US President George W. Bush


Zelensky spoke with the 43rd US President George W. Bush

Zelensky spoke with George W. Bush/Channel 24 Collage

On May 5, Volodymyr Zelenskyy had a video conversation with the 43rd US President George W. Bush. This is the first time a Ukrainian politician has spoken to an American.

Details of the Presidents' Conversation

Politicians discussed the war in Ukraine. Zelensky stressed that he was honored to meet Bush.

The Ukrainian leader thanked the United States and the American people. He stressed that Ukrainians see support and appreciate it highly.

I saw how people in the US treat us on social networks, they take to the streets, support Ukraine with flags. Americans are frank, open people, and I feel it. We have common values. I feel it comes from the heart,” Zelensky said.

In response, Bush expressed support for the president and the Ukrainians fighting the Russian aggressor.

“Your courage is very important for your continued success. If you continue to do what you are doing, you will always have our support if you will continue to fight as you do now,” the American politician assured.

He noted that the Americans are inspired by how boldly the Ukrainians confront the enemy.

Zelensky spoke with 43 President of the United States George W. Bush

Zelensky talked to the 43rd President of the United States over a video link/Photo by the Office of the President

Zelensky invited Bush to Ukraine


Let's remind that the Ukrainian president mentioned the September 11, 2001 terrorist act in the USA. He noted that at that time many Ukrainians sympathized with the Americans and shared their pain.

“Our conversation is important to me, because you are an example of a strong leader,” Zelensky stressed.

Also the head of the State invited the 43rd President of the United States to Ukraine at any time convenient for him.

The last conversations of the Ukrainian President with world leaders

  • On May 5, Zelensky also spoke with the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The topic of conversation was the defense issue.
  • Another call was to German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. Following its results, Zelensky noted that Berlin remains a powerful ally of Ukraine. The plan of the Russians to split Europe has failed.

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