Zelensky spoke with Scholz after the announcement of the transfer of Leopard to Ukraine


Zelensky spoke with Scholz after the announcement of Leopard transfer to Ukraine

Germany still allowed the famous Leopard 2 tanks to be transferred to Ukraine. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy spoke with Chancellor Olaf Scholz on this topic.

As it became known, Scholz had a talk with Zelensky before his speech in the German Parliament. By the way, the German Chancellor ruled out the transfer of fighter jets to Ukraine.

What Zelensky and Scholz talked about

Scholz said that it is right to transfer weapons to Ukraine , but wants to avoid an escalation of the war.

The reason for the challenges we face is the terrible war of conquest against Ukraine. A terrible war, where the principles that we agreed on in Europe were called into question,” said the Chancellor.

Also, Scholz noted the correctness of the close cooperation of partners in the supply of weapons.

Vladimir Zelensky thanked Scholz for new military assistance.

“German main battle tanks, further expansion of defense support and training missions, green light for partners to supply similar weapons. It was only in a conversation with German Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz that I heard about these important and timely decisions I am sincerely grateful to Olaf Scholz and all of our people,” the Ukrainian leader said.

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