Zelensky thanked Macron for a “breakthrough decision” on military assistance to Ukraine: what to expect from France

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Zelensky thanked Macron for the

The President of Ukraine raised the topic of the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris .

Head of State Volodymyr Zelenskyy spoke with French President Emmanuel Macron, during which he thanked him for “a breakthrough decision to provide light tanks and for further strengthening the defense capability of Ukraine.”

This was announced by the President of Ukraine.

Zelensky also noted that Ukraine should expect advanced air defense systems from France.

During the conversation with Macron, he raised the topic of the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris.< /p>

“They also discussed diplomatic steps to end the war. Separately, he emphasized that athletes from Russia have no place at the Olympic Games in Paris,” — d Zelensky added.

Earlier, Macron called three conditions for the supply of Leclerc tanks to Ukraine.

Recall that Paris promises to help the Ukrainian capital with AMX-10 RC wheeled tanks and Bastion armored vehicles.

And in Germany, supplies should be adapted to the needs on the battlefield in Ukraine.

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