Zelensky told under what conditions the stage of a bloody war can go into a diplomatic format


Zelensky told under what conditions the stage of a bloody war can turn into a diplomatic format

Vladimir Zelensky/Office of the President

< strong _ngcontent-sc87="">Russia must withdraw its troops to the February 24 positions to unlock a peaceful settlement of the war in Ukraine. But so far, the Kremlin is not interested in peace talks with Kyiv.

Russia must withdraw its troops

The corresponding statement was made by President Volodymyr Zelensky during the Ukrainian Breakfast at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Channel 24 reports.

The head of state is sure that this stage of the war can turn into a diplomatic format with the participation of the presidents of Ukraine and Russia or third parties. Without powerful partners, as the president said, there is nothing to talk about with Russia.

This stage of the bloody war can turn into the format of diplomatic negotiations in one form or another with the participation of the presidents of Russia and Ukraine or with the participation of our strategic partners. Zelensky said.

The President stressed that negotiations will become possible when Kyiv understands that Russia is demonstrating a desire to move from a bloody war to diplomacy.

According to Zelensky, this is possible “if Russia demonstrates at least something.” Zelensky called the withdrawal of Russian troops to positions as of February 24 as a step.

I believe that this would be the right step on the part of Russia, the Ukrainian president added.


The head of state confirmed that Russia does not take negotiations seriously and is not interested in them. Zelensky said that he does not see any substantive things from Moscow.

He also said that at first there was a feeling that one could talk with Russia, but now the leader of Ukraine does not see any steps from the Kremlin. Moreover, according to Zelensky, Russia is procrastinating, as it was during the Minsk process.

The President said that the only positive moment at the moment is that the parties began to talk about unblocking Azovstal

What is known about the negotiations between Ukraine and Russia

  • Since the beginning of Russia's full-scale invasion, Ukraine has tried diplomatically to stop the Kremlin's aggression. Negotiations were held at the level of subgroups, delegations and even foreign ministers.
  • But the peace talks between Ukraine and Russia have been suspended. The Office of the President said that after the meeting in Istanbul, there was no progress in the negotiations. The OP also reported that Moscow continued to resort to blackmail.
  • The negotiations were affected by the atrocities of the Russian military in the Kyiv region, resulting in the death of more than 1,200 people. Zelensky emphasized that the Ukrainians no longer want to negotiate with the Russians, but seek to kill them.

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