Zelensky worked very well with Israel, it is also necessary with China, – political scientist


Zelensky worked very well with Israel, it is also necessary with China, - political scientist

Israel agreed to sell Ukraine a defense system against Iranian Shaheeds. The President of Ukraine did a very competent job regarding Israel, so the country agreed to help. The same should be done with respect to China.

This opinion was expressed on Channel 24 by US political scientist Ramis Yunus. According to him, Ukraine should not spread anti-Chinese sentiments within the country.

We need to work towards China

Yunus noted that China is very important for Ukraine, so anti-Chinese sentiments inside the country should not be allowed. The political scientist recalled the situation with Israel, which did not want to help Ukraine. But Zelensky has worked very successfully in this direction.

You competently and correctly worked on Israel. Your president did a great job, during the press conference he spoke very diplomatically on this topic. You work in this direction with Israel and China,” he said.

The political scientist emphasized that attempts were made to spread narratives against Israel, but the leadership of Ukraine did not allow this.

“There were attempts from” useful idiots “and representatives of the so-called Russian liberal party. And I constantly said: take an example from Azerbaijan, he did not allow this. The country has better relations with Israel,” Yunus added.

Yunus about relations between Ukraine and Israel: watch the video

China should be invited to the G7

Ramis Yunus is convinced that it is the G7 and not the G20 that decides the main issues. The political scientist noted that instead of Russia, which has already been expelled from the G8, China can be called.

“65% of the planet's GDP is in the G7, and 20% of GDP is in China. Therefore, if we add another 65% to these 20%, it turns out that only 15% will remain in the G20%. China could be invited to the G7 instead of Russia. This is benefit will benefit Ukraine in particular,” he said.

Israel approves weapons export license for Ukraine

  • The Russian military continues to attack Ukraine with Iranian kamikaze drones. To counter them, Israel has agreed to sell systems that help to jam Shahids. For the first time since the start of a full-scale invasion, Israel has accepted a license to export defense products. It provides for the sale of weapons to Ukraine.
  • The question was accepted for a month. It should be noted that the approval of export licenses by Defense Minister Yoav Gallan and Foreign Minister Eli Cohen took place in mid-February. Then Israel, on the orders of Netanyahu, reviewed its policy on the war. But then no decisions were made. Cohen subsequently told Volodymyr Zelensky about this when he was in Kyiv on a visit on February 15.
  • With the help of such systems, it is possible to jam and shoot down enemy drones. The range of such installations is about 25 miles (40 km). They can be located near power plants or other critical facilities where the Russians launch Shahids.

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