Zhdanov explained why Russia temporarily removed nuclear facilities from US inspection


Zhdanov explained why Russia temporarily removed nuclear facilities from US inspection

Zhdanov on Russia's withdrawal of nuclear facilities from US inspection/Channel 24 Collage

Russia has decided to temporarily close its nuclear facilities to US inspectors. The Kremlin is thus trying to intimidate the world and force them to compromise.


This Channel 24 was told by military expert Oleg Zhdanov. He stressed that in fact such a step is a unilateral withdrawal from the nuclear agreement with the United States.

“Russia is trying to intimidate the world”

Zhdanov believes that Russia continues its nuclear blackmail of the whole world. Indeed, by refusing to verify its nuclear stockpile in accordance with an international treaty, Moscow is trying to frighten the West and, above all, the United States.

The fact is, the military expert explained, that when people do not know, they get scared.

If a person is scared, then this person is very easy to control. This is what the Russian Federation is counting on,” Zhdanov explained.

According to a military expert, the Russians are trying to intimidate the world and force it to compromise.

Does this mean Russia's withdrawal from the nuclear agreement with the United States

Zhdanov noted that Russia's refusal to fulfill the terms of this treaty is actually a unilateral withdrawal from it.

By the way, this is the answer. Please note that a few days ago the United States proposed to start new consultations on the START-3 treaty on the limitation of strategic offensive arms, he noted.

And Russia, the military expert added, responded by actually withdrawing from the existing of the treaty.

Zhdanov on the nuclear blackmail of the Kremlin: watch the video

Will it be more difficult to track the processes of the Russian ammunition supply< /h2>

Zhdanov believes that tracking itself will remain as it was. Verification, on the other hand, consists in checking.

You are admitted to a facility where nuclear warheads are stored. You have a scheme signed and approved by the Russian Federation. You go in and check the containers and types of ammunition stored there,” the military expert said.

Surveillance, he added, is carried out by any other means, from undercover intelligence to technical reconnaissance equipment, including space ones. Therefore, the movement of any warhead will be tracked.

Note! Russia has repeatedly used nuclear threats around the world, and not just Ukraine. Usually the Kremlin does this in hopeless situations, when it has no success on the battlefield, that is, always. Analysts from the American Institute for the Study of War suggested where he could use them.

More about Russia and nuclear weapons

  • Russia decided to temporarily under US inspections of its nuclear weapons. The reason for this decision in Moscow was the sanctions imposed against the aggressor country after its invasion of Ukraine.
  • The presence of nuclear weapons in Russia allows the Kremlin to threaten Ukraine and Western countries. Against the backdrop of such threats, Russian leader Vladimir Putin cynically declared that a nuclear war should never be unleashed.
  • American Admiral James Stavridis believes that the path is unlikely to unleash a nuclear war, the likelihood of such a development of events is negligible. At the same time, the dictator may use chemical weapons against Ukraine.

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